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Project Proposal: Campus Hours Aggregation

General information

We are seeking to display, in one location, the hours of operation for all on-campus offices and businesses.

Meeting Time

  • Thursdays, after crew meetings




  • James Magnarelli (
  • Wylie (
  • Nathan (
  • Colin (

Email List

Send to:



As this is a new project, there is not yet a repository for its code.  This will soon change.


At present, the process of finding operational hours for any particular on-campus office or business is tedious.  The listings for these hours are scattered in varying locations on countless separate web pages.  It is a natural desire to collect these listings into one location.  

A single page which displays the hours for campus services and businesses would be popular around campus, and could easily be integrated with the MyNEU UI improvement project.

While the challenge of keeping this list updated may seem formidable, there are several tools which could make it possible.  The current best candidate is a kind of wiki, which would allow users to update times themselves when they notice a discrepency.  We are investigating improvements to this approach.


  • Present, in one location, the operational hours of as many on-campus offices and businesses as is feasible.
  • Automate the updating of these hours to the fullest possible extent, keeping in mind the inconsistent and non-standard ways in which they are currently advertised.

Timeline / Deliverables

10/22/2011 - Decide on individual responsibilities
11/11/2011 - Data gathered by hand presentable on a web page.
11/14/2011 - Demo a better way to find hours using manually collected data
12/2/2011 - Enable user submissions and automatic data scraping
12/15/2011 - Have final product finished


We may need a server to host our eventual hours page, but this could be virtualized on an existing server.  This will depend on what crew already has available.


Our database will look something like this diagram.

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