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Ideas for this semester

Add your ideas here! (Even if they suck!)

  • Digital Display System (DDS) - That thing on the monitor in the lab that shows you the print queue.
    Is DDS Dead? (Yes, but I wouldn't be upset if it was updated to show pictures of cats)
  • Maps - A Google Map of West Village H. We can overlay cool data on top of it, such as the stuff from lab metrics, or information from WVHFood.
    Really, we're so close to having this working.
  • Lab Metrics - Build a service and web front end that will allow an admin to see useful statistics (time series data) about lab usage
    OK, seriously, why isn't this working?
  • Project Hosting - Git repos hosted on CCIS machines
  • Nagios - Thang is lead quarterback on this. There are a few possible side projects we can run with it:
    • Failure-tolerant configuration files - Nagios has a very temperamental config parser, which makes it a pain to use for unmanaged systems. If we can tweak it to be a bit more failure-tolerant, Nagios will be more useful on unmanaged systems.
    • Templates for service monitoring and live updates - Systems has to write config code for any Nagios service even though the people who are running the service have a better idea of when there's a problem. We can put a layer on it to help the people running their services put their own alerts in, without having to bother systems. (This project is very ambitious, but also extremely useful to a lot of people, perhaps even more so outside of the college.)
  • IPV6 Wireless - We're getting new wireless infrastructure. If the old stuff supports IPV6, why not use it to set up and test an IPV6-only internal network?
  • OpenVZ Migration - Crew is running critical services on very old machines running openVZ. These services need to be migrated to new KVM machines. Ian knows how to do this, but the machine we need to migrate them to isn't up yet.
  • Web Forum: Integrate forum with the mailing lists by allowing the to add received mail to forums and send mail out.
  • Upgrade Zimbra (
  • Upgrade Confluence (
  • Hubot - We have a Hubot running on and connected to #general and #crew on IRC. His name is Lewis. There are plenty of Hubot scripts available already, but we can probably write some cool ones ourselves.
  • Crew website - This is 2012, we need to get off html 1.0
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