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The end goal of CrewU is to have a set of "Open Course Ware" for new crewbies to get them up to speed on what an aspiring crew member needs to know.
We intend to divide CrewU into three parts: Linux/Unix Bootcamp, Web Development,and Infrastructure. As far as crew is concerned these areas are either too lacking in appear too late in the CCIS curriculum to be of use to us.


We want to have a set of videos that contain our full curriculum. In addition we want a set of courses that we can lead hands on sessions to get new crewbies up to speed quickly.

Goals for Spring 2013: Get the curriculum planned out, with feedback from participants in CrewU from last semester. Perhaps do some dryruns of the 'lectures' and 'workshops'
Goals for Fall 2013: Test out the curriculum with a new batch of crewbies, and use the feedback from that to create the videos.

Plan for Spring 2013:

The follow plan should be prioritized for bootcamp, then infrastructure, then Web Development. (order based on how criticle the tracks are, and their varying rates of failure in previous semesters)

  1. Evaluate other open course ware on similar topics, and document our findings
  2. Document the previous semesters curriculum
  3. Generate a basic curriculum derived from the previous semesters work and the research
  4. Generate a set of exercises and activities for said curriculum
  5. Get feedback from ex CrewU people on said curriculum

Notes: we need to keep in mind that these courses need to point out "why you care about all this crap." It's hard to get people engaged in crew and in crewU when it all seems to be a bunch of useless data.

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