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Crew is the Volunteer Systems Group at CCIS. We are a group of self-motivated students (not a student group) who investigates new and potentially cool technologies, organizes and performs research & development for the CCIS Systems Group, and strives to improve and produce services that benefit the CCIS community.

If you are interested in working on one of our projects. Stop by 312WVH aka 'The Pit'.

Current Projects (Tentative) (Fall 2013)

  • Project Hosting - Let's figure out how we can use Github's API to submit homework
  • CrewU - Revamping the training for Crewbies
  • Crew Website - We need a better way of showing off
  • DDS - Digital Display System, let's power all the screens you see on campus
  • Metrics - Measuring lab machine usage
  • Google Map WVH - Mapping the college and possibly the university
  • Accounts - Fixing our account creation program
  • Hosts Database - Inventorying lab machines and servers so we know what we have
  • Network API - Building an API for dynamically configuring ethernet ports around the college

Previous Projects

Spring 2013

Spring 2012

Fall 2011



Past Projects (details)

  • Digital Display
    Paper is soooo 20th century. We hope to replace bulletin boards with plasma displays and innovative software.
  • Lab Metrics
    We want to quantify lab usage.
  • Project Hosting
    Provide a service for creating git repositories with self-service access control, code review integration, and possibly ticket-tracking capabilities.
  • Google Map WVH
    Design a detailed room-by-room view of WVH using Google Maps.
  • Web Forum
    Create a web forum that integrates with CCIS ldap and automatically provisions groups.
  • VMWare Provisioning
    Build a frontend for requesting VMWare resources.
  • Mobile myNEU
    Make a mobile version of myNEU that "doesn't suck" – facilitate easy access to essential data
  • Cobbler
    Work with Chris A (cba@ccs) to get a working Cobbler setup

Almost Done

  • CGI Box
    This is a service to allow ccis users to execute code in their web spaces, and not just serve files.


    Our goal is to port the university's virtualization architecture over from XEN to KVM.

On Hiatus

  • NUrdRadio - Ongoing podcast discussing CCIS and tech related topics.
  • OpenVZ - CGI scripts are fun and all, but when you want to run Ruby on Rails or Django, you'll need some dedicated hosting. Using OpenVZ students can get the servers they crave.
  • Calendar Project - Funnels all the different CCIS calendars into one (acm, coop, ect)
  • Omega - New Alpha
    We're looking into ways to provide an updated and improved gateway for the CCIS internet connections, starting with the pit.

Pipe Dreams (things we would like to do)

  • Universal Hand-In Server - Wouldn't it be cool if you could use one handin server for all your classes and track your progress throughout your tenure at CCIS. Source Control and Code Review would make this experience more enjoyable.
  • Universal Project Server - In house git project hosting. Hopefully with code review (and, later, rehashed as the Universal hand-in server.)
  • Study Space Tracking
    Track the availability of study "nooks" around WVH using sensors.
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