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Project Proposal Template Project Proposal

General information

Meeting Time

  • (Your project's meeting time goes here)


  • List any faculty helping you out here.


  • Other members follow

Email List

  • Put the email of the group here.


If you have a source code repo, put it here. If you have a new project, you can leave this section out, but you'll want to add it in later.

# Read-only
$ git clone git://
# Read-write
$ git clone


Why is your project important? How does it benefit you/the college/others? Write a bit explaining that here.


  1. Explain what you're trying to do by the end of the semester here. Be concrete!
  2. Are you going to be writing a report? Deploying some machines with some software on them? Something else? Put that in this section.

Timeline / Deliverables

  • Put some reasonable 'milestone' goals here. This lets you judge how progress is coming along.
  • 10/13/2011 -
  • 10/30/2011 -
  • 11/15/2011 - You should plan on having a demo ready by around this date.
  • 12/15/2011 - You should be done by around this date.


Put in a bit about the resources that you need here. Do you need computers from systems? Software? Something else? Put that info here.

Related Work


This page was created because the old template page has been lost .

  1. Actually, the old template page looks like
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