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J. Strother Moore, the Moore in Boyer-Moore, just completed a two-days visit to Northeastern. He gave a talk, Machines Reasoning about Machines, complete with demo using the ACL2 theorem prover. ACL2 is a first-order theorem prover for proving equational properties of programs written in an applicative subset of Common Lisp. It is amazingly fast, and comes with a well-equipped library of theories to work with.

Fascinating work, if only because I am set to teach an undergraduate course using ACL2 next semester with Pete Manolios.

Now if we could just move the ACL2 technology to a typed language and extend it to higher-order, I'd be happy. (I know, I know, there are fundamental limitations re the latter, but still, even getting halfway there would be fun.)

Pete told me that the two books on ACL2:

  • Computer-Aided Reasoning: An Approach
  • Computer-Aided Reasoning: ACL2 Case Studies

are now available in paperback for a very reasonable fee.