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A slow weekend - I needed the rest.

Dexter Kozen just uploaded an article on Coinductive Proof Principles for Stochastic Processes to CoRR, wherein he gives "an explicit coinduction principle for recursively-defined stochastic processes. The principle applies to any closed property, not just equality, and works even when solutions are not unique. The rule encapsulates low-level analytic arguments, allowing reasoning about such processes at a higher algebraic level. We illustrate the use of the rule in deriving properties of a simple coin-flip process." I looked at this paper a while back, and it remains interesting.

On a different bit of news, the CSLI Lecture Notes are now freely available online, gracieuseté of the Stanford Medieval and Modern Thought Text Digitization Project.

That series includes the classics

  • Troelstra's Lectures on Linear Logic
  • Goldblatt's Logic of Time and Computation

and to remain in the spirit of coinduction, two of the core monographs on the theoretical foundations of coinduction:

  • Aczel's Non-well-founded Sets
  • Barwise and Moss's Vicious Circles : On the Mathematics of Non-wellfounded Phenomena

(via Richard Zach's LogBlog)