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From Carla Romero, at CRA. She notes that the deadline for student grants is April 15th.

CRA-W/CDC Summer School 
Logic Programming and Computational Logic 

New Mexico State University 
Las Cruces, NM, USA 
July 24-27, 2008 

New Mexico State University is happy to announce the CRA-W/CDC Summer 
School on Logic Programming and Computational Logic. 

The summer school will be held on the campus of New Mexico State 
University in beautiful Las Cruces, New Mexico. 

The summer school is intended to encourage WOMEN GRADUATE STUDENTS, 
expertise in the important areas of constraints, logic programming, 
answer set programming, computational logic and their applications. 

Exceptional undergraduate students in their senior year are also 
encouraged to attend. 

The summer school will include lectures as well as other events aimed 
at providing a complete and fulfilling learning experience. The 
lectures will be given by internationally renowned Researchers who 
have made significant contributions to the advancement of these 

The summer school is a good opportunity for quickly acquiring 
background knowledge on important areas of computational logic. 

The summer school will consist of six 1/2 day tutorials on the 
following topics: 

* Theoretical Foundations of Logic Programming 
  [Miroslaw Truszczynski, U. of Kentucky] 

* Answer Set Programming 
  [Torsten Schaub, U. of Potsdam] 

* Implementation and Execution Models for Logic Programming 
  [Manuel Hermenegildo, Polytechnic Univ. of Madrid] 

* Logic Programming and Multi-agent Systems 
  [Francesca Toni, Imperial College] 

* Foundations of Constraint and Constraint Logic Programming 

* Foundations of Semantic Web and Computational Logic 
  [Sheila McIlraith, University of Toronto] 

There is no charge for participation to the summer school and a 
number of fellowships are available to women participants, that will 
cover all reasonable travel expenses. Applicants are asked to submit 
an application for admission to the summer school composed of the 
following items: 

1. a one page statement of interest, explaining your 
research background and what you expect to gain from 
the summer school 

2. a short (2-page) vitae 

Applications should be submitted in electronic form to: and 

All submissions will be acknowledged with an email. 

If you do not receive acknowledgment within 3 working days, please 
email Enrico Pontelli ( 

Lodging will be available at local hotels; we will also provide a 
number of affordable accommodations on the NMSU campus. 

Important dates 

* Requests for student grants: April 15, 2008; 
* Application for Admission: April 25, 2008; 
* Notification of Admission and grants: May 1st, 2008; 
* Summer School: July 24-27, 2008 


* Enrico Pontelli, New Mexico State University, USA 
* Inna Pivkina, New Mexico State University, USA 
* Son Cao Tran, New Mexico State University, USA