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Blog from May, 2008

NDPRs Of Interest

Flushing buffers before going off to spend a few months at MSR in Cambridge.

The Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews are quite interesting, covering books in philosophy, and usually going into an amount of detail sufficient to convey quite a lot of information about the topic at hand.

The following recent books and reviews have a content susceptible of interesting a logically-minded individual:

DRM Workshop call for papers

Another call for papers, this time for a Digital Rights Management workshop, co-located with CCS'08 in Alexandria (VA) in October.

Submission deadline on May 23rd.

Call for Papers

   (Co-located with ACM-CCS 2008, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)


Submission deadline: May 23, 2008
Workshop: October 27, 2008 - Alexandria, Virginia, USA

The  ACM Workshop  on Digital  Rights Management  is  an international
forum that serves as an  interdisciplinary bridge between areas that can
be applied to solving  the problem of Intellectual Property protection
of  digital  content.    These  include:  cryptography,  software  and
computer  systems design,  trusted computing,  information  and signal
processing,  intellectual  property  law,  policy-making, as  well  as
business  analysis and  economics. Its  purpose is  to  bring together
researchers from the  above fields for a full day  of formal talks and
informal  discussions,  covering  new   results  that  will  spur  new
investigations regarding the foundations and practices of DRM.

This  year's  workshop,  the  eighth  in the  series,  continues  this
tradition. As in the previous  editions, it is sponsored by ACM SIGSAC
and is  held in  conjunction with the  ACM Conference in  Computer and
Communications Security (CCS).

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
* anonymous publishing, privacy and DRM
* architectures for DRM systems
* business models for online content distribution, risk management
* copyright-law issues, including but not limited to fair use
* digital goods and online multiplayer games
* digital policy management
* DRM and consumer rights, labeling and competition law
* implementations and case studies
* information theory and  combinatorics, including marking assumptions
  and related codes
* robust identification of digital content
* security  issues,  including   but  not  limited  to  authorization,
  encryption, tamper resistance, and watermarking
* regulatory authority for DRM, interoperability
* supporting  cryptographic technology  including but  not  limited to
  traitor tracing, broadcast encryption, obfuscation
* threat and vulnerability assessment
* trusted   computing,   attestation,   hardware  support   for   DRM,
* usability aspects of DRM systems
* web services related to DRM systems

Submission deadline: May 23, 2008
Notification of acceptance: July 10, 2008
Camera-ready version: August 8, 2008
Workshop: October 27, 2008

Submissions must not  overlap with papers that have  been published or
that are  simultaneously submitted to  a journal or a  conference with
proceedings.   Submissions should be  at most  15 pages  excluding the
bibliography and well- marked appendices, using at least 11-point font
and reasonable  margins.  Committee members  are not required  to read
the appendices,  and thus  submissions should be  intelligible without
them. Each submission should start with the title, abstract, and names
and contact  information of authors.  All submissions  will be handled
electronically.  For submission  instructions and  further information

please point your web-browser to:

Accepted papers will be published in an archival proceedings volume by
ACM Press and will be distributed at the time of the workshop.


Program Chairs
- Gregory Heileman (U. New Mexico, USA)
- Marc Joye (Thomson, France)

Program Committee
- Olivier Billet (Orange Labs, France)
- Xavier Boyen (Voltage, USA)
- Alain Durand (Thomson, France)
- Rudiger Grimm (U. Koblenz, Germany)
- Bill Horne (Hewlett-Packard, USA)
- Hongxia Jin (IBM, USA)
- Aggelos Kiayias (U. Connecticut, USA)
- David Kravitz (Motorola Labs, USA)
- Brian LaMacchia (Microsoft, USA)
- William Lehr (MIT, USA)
- Nasir Memon (Polytechnic U., USA)
- Fernando Perez-Gonzalez (U. Vigo, Spain)
- Rei Safavi-Naini (U. Calgary, Canada)
- Bin Zhu (Microsoft, China)

General Chair
- Peng Ning (NCSU, USA)
  (also General chair for ACM-CCS 2008)

Steering Committee
- Joan Feigenbaum (Yale U., USA)
- Aggelos Kiayias (U. Connecticut, USA)
- Rei Safavi-Naini (U. Calgary, Canada)
- Tomas Sander (Hewlett-Packard, USA)
- Moti Yung (Google & Columbia U., USA)

Language Workshops at ICFP'08

The Scheme, Haskell, and ML workshops - although I read that the Haskell workshop is now the Haskell symposium - will all be held with ICFP (the International Conference on Functional Programming) in Vancouver, BC, in late September. Here are the relevant web pages:

Submission deadlines for all of these are in late June.