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I've been quiet here, lately. I was away, visiting Andy Gordon at Microsoft Research, Cambridge for the summer, where we worked on representing stateful computations with types, based on Andy et co.'s RCF language. I will talk about this in the coming months, I believe.

But I'm back in Boston now, and the buzz of the Fall term just starting sounds like a jet engine. I'm teaching two courses, an undergrad Object-Oriented Design course, and a graduate Cryptography and Communication Security course. More on these as the term progresses.

In the latest SIGACT News, there is a nice article about the kind of theory research going on at Google. Not logic per se, but interesting nonetheless. Unsurprisingly, much focus on algorithms and on auctions. Which does remind me of a nice chat I had with a researcher from Google several months ago, after which we concluded that there is a need for a nice specification language for auctions. As far as I can tell, that does not exist. (If you know otherwise, please holler.)

  • Theory Research at Google, by G. Aggarwal, N. Ailon, F. Constantin, E. Even-Dar, J. Feldman, G. Frahling, M. Henzinger, S. Muthukrishnan, N. Nisan, M. Pal, M. Sandler, A. Sidiropoulos.