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Our goal is to port the university's virtualization architecture over from XEN to KVM. Currently university virtualized services are running as XEN slices on Ubuntu boxes; we want to port this over to the better supported KVM virtualization. To prep for the transfer, we will set up a handful of slices on a systems machine and work through porting them over to KVM. (Ideally we would like to get backups of the actual XEN slices that we will be converting and port them to KVM). Once we are confident we can do this with the real hardware, we will work with systems to port our XEN vm's over to KVM.

The goal of the project switched in November from porting XEN to KVM to conducting research into the various features of KVM and management tools that can be used along with it. At the end of the semester, the KVM group compiled their findings into a document, a link to which can be found further down on this page.


This roadmap became obsolete in November but it is listed here for historical reasons.




Get clones of XEN slices moved and operational under KVM hardware.

Early Nov

Get KVM instances working on the actual hardware the instances will be running on.

Late Nov

Work with systems to completely port XEN slices to KVM instances.

Project Complete!

Project Goal

At the end of this project, all college hosted virtualized XEN slices will be ported to KVM and running as KVM instances.

Virtual Machines

A list of virtual hosts and slices is available under xymon -> Virtual World.


Ian Helmke
Eric Chin
Michael Coppola


#cloud-kvm (combined channel for cloud and xen-kvm projects)

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