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Forum Project






steps for semester completion


step for total completion

add mailing lists to LDAP
Useremail table for non-ccis emails
connection to mailbox
from field
subject field


step 1: research

done by first presentation

we will search for applicable forum suites
that are open source and fit out needs. we
will test these solutions and see what else
we need.
current suites we like are:

phpBB: possible security issues
Vanilla 2
Simple Machine Forums (SMF)
Fast Uncompromising Discussions (FUD)

the possibility of using a mailing list converter has also been brought up.


step 2: make

LDAP will be 95% done and demo-able for the first demo

we will modify said forum suites to suit our
needs. these include LDAP authentication and
groups that mirror CCIS mailing lists. we may
put the forum up on the crew wepsite for dev

step 3: test

we will put the forum up in a sort of 'beta'
mode to fully test it and see if we should
continue to later steps.

step 4: integrate

the next step would involve integrating the mailing
lists and the forum such that they could be used
interchangably with no data loss for the users.
furthur discussion on how to do this would be needed.

step 5: test again

see step 3.

the approximate timeline for this project would be 1-2 semesters. Minimum
requirements for this to be a success are to be in step 3 by the end of the semester.
exact timelines dependon the amount of modding needed for the chosen forum suite.
the need to write out own system from scratch is unlikely given what we have seen in
our preliminary research. such a scenario would greatly increase project
time. documentation will be build as we go.


Forum Software

We're going to use bbPress.


LDAP Auth Support

Plugin System



Plugin API based on Wordpress API (with plugin manager)

Fast Uncompromising Discussions (FUD) (poor documentation)



Simple Machine Forums (SMF)


"Moddable" - manually editable

phpBB: possible security issues



Vanilla 2






bbPress Plugins

Git Repo

Public Access: git clone git://

Push access: git clone

Or on the web

For a quick start with git, see the git Primer and Git Snippets (check out "pushing and pulling" under beginner).

We have a VM up for the server.
connect to the username and password will
be sent out on the mailing list.

#1 NOTE: Must enter a value for user_nicename when adding a user because it must be unique

apache2 setup notes for server:
apt-get install apache2
apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5
apt-get install libldap-2.4-2
apt-get install ldap-utils
apt-get install libsasl2-modules-ldap
apt-get install openssl
apt-get install libsasl2-2
apt-get install libkrb5-3
apt-get install php5-ldap
apt-get install php5-sasl
apt-get install php5-auth-pam
apt-get install php5-imap – for IMAP functionality in PHP
enable mod_ldap

Add a cert for the ldap as well

For SSL logins, add this to the bb-config.php file:
define ('BB_FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);


all for creation of subforums by users
mail list sync??????
systems to autoadmin
make login script less of a hack......
shift ldap_authenitacion.php to use LDAP_Connect.php

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