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Project Goals

Simplify the MyNEU website to be more accessible on mobile devices. The current website does not scale well to small screen sizes and uses unnecessary resources (bandwidth, processing).

We have identified several core functions of MyNEU that would translate well to a mobile experience:


  • Grades  -- need to work with/style the banner system
  • myAlerts - Display existing alerts, delete when done. Requires parsing and form cloning, maybe non-trivial
  • Course Registration/Catalog
  • Appointments
  • Upcoming Events

Targeted applications for iPhone and Android are being planned.

Project Steps

  1. isolating children (the stuff we want)
  2. populating an array of the above
  3. Show items from the array
  4. Modify visually based on content
  5. Modify login page
  6. Make pages load in the same window
  7. modify the banner system (for the class schedule)
    1. show only the option for the current term (filter by month?)
  8. Create iPhone/Android app wrappers


  • MyNEU/Husky Account LDAP server
  • Permission to access to MyNEU data
    • Only read access is required for most
    • Course registration and appointments are
    • User can provide own credentials
  • App development
    • $99 mobile development fee for iPhone
    • $25 fee for android

What needs to be done

First, talk to administration about relevant permission.

If we receive access:

  1. Look into mobile development on iPhone and Android
  2. Create simple interface for MyNEU database access
  3. Expand on features as necessary
  4. User testing

If we are denied access:

  1. Cannot reduce resource use, can only reformat existing content
  2. Look into existing solutions (Greasemonkey, etc...) that can apply to mobile
  3. Begin coding mockups on computer
  4. Translate to mobile development
  5. User testing


Some existing MyNEU Greasemonkey scripts, written by a crew member:

Things To Check Out

Source Code

You can download the MyNEU mobile script at:

Things to keep in mind

  • Self service page exactly the same for all users with the exception of the NUID (for caching purposes?)
  • importNode to move elements between tabs
  • Can set infinite timeout with cookie injection?
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