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OpenVZ Migration Project

General information

Meeting Time

  • TBD


  • None at present


  • Ian Helmke (ihelmke@ccs)

Email List


Crew is hosting some important services that it manages on some old Dell 270s, Serentiy and Firefly (read: P4 machines) running OpenVZ slices. Since the college has moved to KVM for virtualization, we would like to migrate these slices to KVM by rebuilding those virtual machines. In particular, these slices are hosting our git repos, the college IRC, and the Crew web site.


  1. Create new virtual machines to host the services currently being hosted in Serenity and Firefly, and host them on the Systems-maintained machine designated for crew KVM instances.
  2. Work with DDS and other groups to ensure that their machines are properly recreated and moved over to KVM, and that all projects still have access to their git repositories.
  3. Decomission Serenity and Firefly.

Timeline / Deliverables

  • Put some reasonable 'milestone' goals here. This lets you judge how progress is coming along.
  • 10/13/2011 - Proposal completed
  • 10/30/2011 - Get a virtual machine running on the systems-hosted crew KVM machine
  • 11/15/2011 - Have the IRC server migrated to the systems-maintained KVM machine
  • 12/04/2011 4PM - Presentation for CBA and ???
  • 12/15/2011 - Remove serenity and firefly, and have everything crew-related still be operational.


Systems has a KVM host machine that will be used to manage these slices. We will have them set up a few slices to replace the ones currently hosted on Firefly and Serenity.

The current machines are crew-notvz-0/1/2/3. These are not permanent machines, but are temporary and we will document the setup process for these machines here.

The Machines

Archive files containing the relevant elements of these machines are located in the /proj/crew/kvm directory.

  • gitosis
  • redmine/bugtracker
  • You'll need to made a database.yml file yourself. You can use the redmine install that comes with ubuntu (sudo apt-get install redmine) - it appears to work fine. the commands below will pretty much get you off the ground. Note that redmine uses the mysql repository, so you'll need to have that set up before you try running it.

% cd /opt/redmine/redmine-0.9.2/
% sudo -u www-data ruby script/server -e production -p 9998 -b -P /bugs &>/dev/null & (Dancer/IRC)

The ubuntu community documentation is extremely helpful for this. In addition, we have a copy of our IRC server settings files:

  • Crew website
  • To recreate:
    • Install nginx (sudo apt-get install nginx)
    • Grab archive of site from /proj/crew/kvm/crew-nginx.tar.gz
    • Put configuration files (3 in base directory) in /etc/nginx/sites-available/
    • Alias configuration files in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ - remember to add host names if necessary.
    • Remove the alias to the default site from /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ if it is there, since you're not using that.
    • Extract crew-site.tar.gz, and put the sites/ directory in /var/www/. This contains the actual crew web site data.
    • Restart nginx (sudo /etc/init.d/nginx restart).

  • DDS Backend for the lab
  • DDS should have instructions to set this up and recreate it. I'm pretty sure I wrote them.
  • The data for this is located on crew-mysql

  • You can probably guess what this is doing
  • Used by all of
  • A dump of the database is at /proj/crew/kvm/sqldump - before this machine is brought down for good, it would probably be prudent to dump again.
  • You can restore the dump using "mysql -u root -p < dumpfilename.sql"
  • When dumping be sure to dump --all-databases
  • Keep in mind this will also export the users DB
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