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  • UI improvements to MyNeu
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General information

Meeting Time

  • 4pm Fridays


  • We will need the support of the IS department


  • Eric Kelly (ekelly)
  • Wylie Conlon (wconlon)
  • Colin Clarke (cclarke)
  • Tom Jung (dunno93)
  • James Magnarelli (jmagnare)

Email List


You can add yourself to the email list at


The current MyNeu website has a poor UI. The most commonly used actions are not on the front page, and a lot of important actions are hard to find. Additionally, the site visually looks outdated. This project would make it easier to use, which benefits all of Northeastern.


  1. A mock-up of how MyNeu should look. This would be a completely separate, hosted portal.
  2. Ideally, that mockup would be integrated with the authentication services of MyNeu. However, this depends on whether IS will agree to help us.
    1. If we do not get the necessary support from IS, we could either do a mockup or a layer on top of MyNeu which cleans it up.

Features we'd like to see

  • highlight the most important things
  • less important things get categorized away
  • Icons for categorization
  • combined calendars
  • tiered navigation
  • account balance right on home page
  • favorite links
  • tags (ex. same link in multiple locations - coop, appt, favorites, homepage)

Timeline / Deliverables

  • 10/13/2011 - This document
  • 10/30/2011 - Basic mockup layout
  • 11/15/2011 - Basic functionality complete
  • 12/06/2011 4PM - Presentation to CBA and ???
  • 12/15/2011 - Completely fully working


IS support. We would need access to their APIs and authentication services. We would also probably need help implementing them.

Related Work


  • Basic web app - can load links, open links, site structure works
  • More CSS styling (make it prettyier!) & images
  • Authentication
  • Favorites
  • Combined calendars
  • notifications

Crunch Time - What needs to be done STAT

  • Rearrange links - Eric
  • Fix bugs - Wylie
    • Scroll bug
    • Subheaders bug
  • CSS tweaks - Wylie
  • Reduce image size - Wylie
  • Custom images - Eric and James
    • Improved thumbnail quality
    • Custom Images (200 x 600)
      • blackboard
      • Banner
      • NuPay
      • Tickets
      • Book Store
      • COOL
      • Mailbox
      • Dining
      • Housing (dorm building?)
      • Library
      • Work request
      • Radio
      • Calendar
      • -Advising_
      • Finance
        • Balance - wallet
        • Payment - shopping cart
        • Loans - fist handing money
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