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The compressor can be found in either the pit or the systems office... I had the pleasure of playing with it again tonight and because I'm waiting for FUEL to install I'll write this pointless HowTo

About the Compressor

The Compressor takes air and compresses it into a storage tank with a max usable pressure of 100 PSI.  Do not exceed 100 PSI or try to bypass the safegaurds that stop the compressor from compressing higher that 100 PSI

Using the Compressor to Clean Computer Equipment

  1. Ensure that the tank pressure (left gauge) is charged to at least 20 PSI (100 PSI is ideal but it take forever to fully charge)
  2. Move the compressor and dusty equipment to an open space.  Be mindful of noise and disturbing other people
  3. Ensure that the hose and nozzle are connected to the compressor's output socket
  4. Turn the red pressure wheel clockwise until the pressure on the right gauge rises to 40 PSI (or the tank pressure if the tank pressure is less than 40 PSI) 
    1. For the super-nerds like me you adjust the red knob until the right gauge = min(40 PSI, tank PSI)
  5. Dust components.  Hold fans so that they don't spin when you spray them.  I know it's tempting but you will actually cause a huge back-EMF that could fry a poorly designed circuit or simply spin out your fan
  6. When done turn red knob to the left well past the point when the output pressure drops to 0
  7. Return it all 


The Compressor is very loud so please do not charge it in the building during CCIS's normal operating hours or when professors are in their offices (unless systems is there to back you up)

DO NOT charge the compressor in the CCIS datacenter due to vibrations and EMF from the electric motor and compressing components