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Using screen

To start, type in screen



create a new window

C-a c

detach from a session

C-a d

reattach an existing, detached screen session

screen -r

create a new screen session


list all windows

C-a "

switch to the previous window

C-a C-a

See commands

C-a ?

We want you to use screen.

We do not care if you use ERC, irssi, or Chatzilla as your IRC client. However, we do get annoyed at numerous join/part messages. With screen + irssi-proxy, you can use whatever client you want. It has an added bonus of being able to see what people have been talking about while your gone.

Start a screen session on a server (that will be up constantly like pinball.ccs or linux-login.ccs or linux.ccs) with the command screen.

How to turn off the annoying flashes

C-a : drops you into the command prompt for the screen session. Type in vbell off to turn off the visual bell off. This means that screen will scream at you. For remote screen sessions, this shouldn't be a problem.


irssi is an IRC client that has the capability to proxy connections. Here is a better description. Also, the documentation:

  1. Start screen
  2. Start irssi
  3. Connect/Join the channels you want with (/connect and /join)
  4. /load proxy
  5. /set irssiproxy_password secret
  6. /set irssiproxy_ports irc=2777 efnet=2778 freenode=2779*
  7. Detach with C-a d
  8. From an IRC client, connect to the proxies using the ports you specified.

*N.B. Choose different ports if those are taken.

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  1. Unknown User (aalix)

    For a fairly concise guide for connecting to Crew IRC, see the PL guide: