Spring 2014 Semester Wrap Up

Crew just went through a major overhaul after being dormant for an entire year. It was handed off to Danny Wolf earlier this month as a last ditch effort to keep the group alive. Together we restructured Crew assigning new Elders, rebuilding the entire Infrastructure, cleaning, organizing, and planning a sustainable future for Crew as a student group.

Since then we have pounded out DDS (Digital Display System) which had been an incomplete project for the past 10+ years of Crew's existence. The concept is to put monitors with rasbery pi units around WVH displaying relevant information based on their location i.e. Print queues for Displays near printers, Office Hours outside of Professors' Offices, MBTA Schedules, ect. The possibilities are endless.
We brought on a bunch of freshmen, started from scratch, and got the project done in less than a month. DDS v1.0 is now in Demo Stage and hopefully will be deployed over the summer or in the fall.

Hopefully this brings you up to speed a bit about Crew's recent activities. Some projects we are planning right now:

  • DDS v1.5 (a cleaner version of 1.0)
  • The Crew OpenCloud (Free VMs for Students hosted in the CCIS Datacenter on the Crew Server Stack)
  • Linux LDAP User Groups (Allowing Professors the ability to add students to select CCIS User Groups)
  • Wordpress Version of
  • A Better Pitcam (check out