The Project Hosting project will aim to deploy a set of systems that can be used for students within Northeastern CCIS to manage their source code. We have decided to use Github Enterprise.






Ali Ukani


The current system for hosted source control and project management is Trac. It provides a necessary service for the groups in CCIS with long-running projects. However, for short-term projects with frequent access changes, Trac fails to be efficient. Trac + SVN requires that every access change needs to be reviewed and approved by systems. An increasing number of classes are requiring the use of a source control system as the method for submitting code (homework). We want to ease the management of repositories for both the users and systems.

For professors, an easier way to manage students and teams with an API would be great. Automated testing would be great for students and professors to see how they are doing using something like Travis or Jenkins with a github webhook.


See the Trello for this project:


Skillset desired

Any of the below would be great. If you don't know and are still interested in this project, sign up anyway and you'll learn.