A slow weekend - I needed the rest.

Dexter Kozen just uploaded an article on Coinductive Proof Principles for Stochastic Processes to CoRR, wherein he gives "an explicit coinduction principle for recursively-defined stochastic processes. The principle applies to any closed property, not just equality, and works even when solutions are not unique. The rule encapsulates low-level analytic arguments, allowing reasoning about such processes at a higher algebraic level. We illustrate the use of the rule in deriving properties of a simple coin-flip process." I looked at this paper a while back, and it remains interesting.

On a different bit of news, the CSLI Lecture Notes are now freely available online, gracieuseté of the Stanford Medieval and Modern Thought Text Digitization Project.

That series includes the classics

and to remain in the spirit of coinduction, two of the core monographs on the theoretical foundations of coinduction:

(via Richard Zach's LogBlog)